Friday, October 15, 2010

They say that this is where the fun begins

Nothing like a banjo, acoustic guitar, standing base, and cello to get your head bobbing and your boots clacking on a Thursday night. I went into this concert as an Avett Brothers novice and came out an Avett Brothers die-hard. They had me dancing around and feeling so warm and fuzzy that I think I gave everyone in my concert posse at least three hugs. A blend of pop, country, bluegrass, rock, folk, and ragtime, the Avett Brothers (Scott and Seth), along with Joe Kwon (cellist) and Bob Crawford (bassist) make for a very good evening. Like armfuls of confetti, they hurl glee and passion onto the audience below. Thought provoking lyrics were heartfelt and deep, yet far from maudlin. Whether we were clapping our hands above our heads or swaying with our eyes closed, the music was buoyant and fresh and has had me downloading their discography all morning.

Slight figure of speech!!!!

put your clothes on, I've got all that I can take

Working hard or hardly working?

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