Monday, October 4, 2010

...and that noise begat rhythm

Brief review on Talib and Mos Def Sunday concert:

Of course, as you may have noticed, I thoroughly enjoy hip-hop. Whether it be Lil Wayne's scratchy "pop a wheelie" references or Jay-Z's "YOUR BOY!" howls, hip-hop has a tendency to make us bob our heads, purse our lips, and throw arm gestures to the down beat (that we think look cool but not so much). The House of Blues, with it's eastern style artwork against the black painted walls, creates an especially fitting ambiance for hip-hop. Talib Kweli rocked the house for the first hour; he had us whistling, screaming, rapping, and even laughing (referring to Talib's line, "orange like Snookie"). But herein lies the rub: Mos Def took about an hour and a half to come on stage, and by the time he did half of the group of people we arrived with had given up faith in his arrival. Because this was my first hip-hop concert, I was unaware that this is a habit of most hip-hop artists in general. Sometimes they show up, sometimes they don't, often they are late. I was pondering why this could be such a common epidemic, and then it dawned on me. WWHHYYYYYYYY ARE WE SURPRISED?! Rappers are artists who spend half their lung capacity rhyming and the other half rapping about themselves in the third person, essentially stroking their own egos, demanding listeners pledge their allegiance, and claiming to be able to turn crack rocks into mountains. NO WONDER they don't give a chrome tooth about whether or not you are feeling impatient. You know you're going to pay to see them anyway so we need to stop complaining, and just accept that their seconds, minutes, hours will always come from our all mighty dollars.

J. Cole. Shut your mouth. (referring to his tangent at the end of the video)


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