Thursday, October 7, 2010

and rhythm...

Remember this video?

Review on Gorillaz concert in Aganis Center:

Damon Albarn and Jamie Hewlett have certainly matured by leaps and bounds since their Gorillaz album debuted in 2001. To be honest, going into this Gorillaz concert I was slightly skeptical-- how would the lead singer of Blur and a British cartoonist possibly entertain an Aganis center sized audience? Well, the skepticism that I had soaked up leading to this concert was soon called into question and then rung out like a rag. Gorillaz provide some some titillating audio/visual input, to say the very least. Listening to the album on my ipod at work, I was under the impression that Gorillaz relied on mainly computer sound generation. I was wrong. The concert began with a silly british Gorilla cartoon on a massive screen, followed by an orchestral intro. And I'm talking a real orchestra with at least three people on violins, a flautist, piano, keyboard player, acoustic guitar (? wasn't wearing my glasses), standing bass, dancers, drummers, at least two electric guitar players, rappers, singers (male and female). I'd venture to say that at one point, there were about twenty people on stage. The music was elastic and dabbled between classical, electronic, dub, eastern, and hip hop compositions. One minute you would be closing your eyes to the classical flows, highs, and lows of orchestra and the next you would be bobbing your head to raps and down beats. They rocked their old classics and seduced us with their newest works. Needless to say, the concert was a sweet success.

Side note: The Aganis Center also happens to be the most strict of venues I have visited thus far. Get a beer before 9:30 and if you think you're sneaky, well, god's speed. The lunch ladies (some of whom actually look 14) at Aganis have hawk eyes below the scrunchies on the backs of their heads.

Gorillaz- On Melancholy Hill

And now for some uplifting bluegrass buzz (and others):

Thanks Rafalicious

Kay I know for a fact that you will love this song...

Weidman- selected.

Thank you Oliver... your bluegrass suggestions have been phenomenal!

some good cuts, with a Scofield-sounding-feel

Now this is actually old fashioned sounding...

STS9-thanks Fox

instrumental aahhh

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  1. Okay girl - here are some links to kick off your new found interest in disco tech jams.

    Here's the streaming Spanish radio station I listen to called Flaix. It has all of the good club jams way before they hit the US/NYC and there's never any commercials.

    This is prob my favorite jam of the moment "club can't even handle us right now". David Guetta is French DJ who has been spinning around Europe for 20 years or so. With in the past couple of years he has been hooking up with American artists on tracks and they have been really good in my opinion. This is David Guetta and Flo Rida....

    Here's another good track Guetta is involved with along with Chris Willis, Fergie and LMFAO...

    Here's some songs that were really popular in the Barcelona clubs this summer that I enjoy...

    #1 you have po po americano...

    Stereo Love is a good club song and subjects itself well to being spun with other tracks. In isolation, it's not the most engaging song, but if you ever hear it remixed it is really good. If we ever get turn tables this would be a good one to mix...

    I like this song a lot too "sick of love"

    If you ever need help researching club jams I am always available to share the next bus ride to NYC or flight to Europe :)