Friday, July 30, 2010

weeekend biddies

Time for the weekend. Time for some entertainment. Time for softball games, push-up pops, and excitement. Here are some fun tunes for your enjoyment. Hopefully you'll find they're a cool refreshment and a step away from everyday engagement. I found myself in wonderment when I came across these songs in merriment, remembered the blog needed some replenishment, and knew some people would hopefully check it out for some encouragement. And now. For your appeasement...


Wu Tang vs The Beatles- Uh Huh

500 Days of Weezy!!!!

Super chill emancipator song

Pretty Lights-Short Cut Detour
Pretty Lights is an electronic music duo from Colorado.Smith's music is the byproduct of digital sampling and transforming it to create a new kind of music that crosses many genres, pulling bits and pieces from each one, the end product being a combination of "glitchy hip-hop beats, buzzing synth lines, and vintage funk and soul samples." [1] Influences of Derek's work include that of many famous members of the hip-hop community, such as The Notorious B.I.G., and even to the extent of sampling work from Etta James and John Coltrane.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Colombian Music

Two good friends got back from Colombia recently and introduced me to some pretty cool Colombian songs. These two were especially my favorites.
Guy #3 in this video kind of cracks me up lol. Reminds me of a weirder version of Busta Rhymes... not to mention this party they're having is just completely bizarre.

Here's another one with a weird old man dancing in a corn field haha but the song is good (minus the rap solo in the middle).

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Music for Your Shrinking Attention Span

Can't we all just go back to being hunters and gatherers? Humans haven't evolved to do all of this "focusing" for long periods of time. The whole notion of us turning into "digital goldfish" is backwards --we should be dancing around camp fires, hand drumming, eating meat off the bone, and playing hand-made flutes. Brown teeth are great I'd have NO problem gnawing on a leather hide all day if it meant I wouldn't have to update another excel document ever again.

The Carolina Chocolate Drops- an old time string band from North Carolina are part of a dying breed of African American old time string bands. They play and trade instruments from the banjo, fiddle, guitar, harmonica, snare drum, bones, jug, to even the kazoo. If there is anything at all that this band is missing, which I don't think there is, it is most certainly NOT talent and it is most definitely not soul.

Another old time string band suggested by Raf: The California Honeydrops

Sunday, July 25, 2010

THE BEAT BOXXXXXXXXXXXXX (what its all about)

This is literally worth every minute-- I know it's a little long. Both guys are amazing but the second guy... you won't be able to peel your eyes away or close your gaping mouth until he literally keels over on the ground.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

And The Beat Goes On

What's awesome is that I got inundated with music this week. What's not awesome is that all of my electronics shit the bed at the same time (ipod, headphones, phone, computer) so if I'm a little slow to respond to the comments... sotty. By the way how can we make this bike happen for all of us?

Andrew's suggestion of The XX changed my workday on Wednesday. Couldn't stop listening to this one.

Another good Chiddy Bang... this song probably (Kids MGMT) brings back some kind of memory for everyone and the fact that Chiddy Bang was able to recreate it and add a new twist gave this song a new life for me.

Another XX song- The Islands.

Andrew this was my favorite of The Kills songs I could find

I'm obsessed with this Blakroc song right now...and the more I listen to it... the better it gets. And I think my favorite comment ever under this video is "This song is so chill I want to poop to it."

Fantastic selection of Adam Kott's. Wonderful taste- per usual.

Raf sent me Neutral Milk Hotel's album and it's great. Here's a good acoustic off of it.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Jazz, Bluegrass, and the Art of the Mashup

Medeski Martin & Wood is an American jazz trio formed in 1991, consisting of John Medeski on keyboards and piano, Billy Martin on drums and percussion, and Chris Wood on double bass and bass guitar. The band draws on influences from a number of musical traditions, from funk to Hip Hop, and is known for an unconventional style sometimes described as "avant-groove".

Suggested by Jon Mahoney, The Avett Brothers have been a great recommendation. Here's a low key slow one if you're feeling mellowed out.

This guy Jack Conte has become somewhat of a youtube phenom... I've been checking out his videos a lot lately and they're all awesome. Super talented.
Radiohead/Chopin Mashup

Gorillaz Feel Good cover

Aphex Twin/Bright Eyes Mashup
Good song to listen to when you wake up in the morning?

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Medeski, Scofield, Martin & Wood

I guess Scofield mainly identifies with bebop. He's pretty much the man, having collaborated with everyone from Miles Davis to John Mayer. Some of his stuff is pretty out there. But A Go Go is by far my favorite of his and if you like Jazz, the studio version is even better and so clear.

Friday, July 16, 2010

hot n fresh out the kitchen

I hope everyone is as ready to pull up their swimming trunks and rock out the flippy floppies as I am. It's the freakin' weekend baby let's have us some MOS DUB and some smiling mugs as we roll up to the pubs and clubs, like a bunch of thugs, although cool and kind cause we're giving hugs. Hoping there's some good music inside and that that shit is UNPLUGGGGGGGGGGED. haha random off the top of my head. enjoy.

Reggae Mashups- Mos Dub
Mos Dub- History Town

Mos Dub- Johnny Too Beef

And if you like these... heres where you can get the whole album:

Stephen Marley

The Traffic Jam ft. Damien Marley

The Black Keys
The Black Keys. American blues-rock music duo from Ohio consisting of vocalist/guitarist Dan Auerbach and drummer/producer Patrick Carney.

The Black Keys- Keeping the Blues Alive

Some chill RJD2 to rock out to with the top down... if you have a drop top.

RJD2- Soul Position (RJD2 and Blueprint - I Love (Instrumental, part 1/2)

Lucinda Williams - Can't Let Go

Hip Hop

Kanye West- Drive Slow

Tupac- Shorty Wanna be a Thug

Blackalicious- Powers

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Figuring out how to hyperlink... seeing if this works

Here's a song I was listening to a while ago that I like... I'm just seeing how to hyperlink it.

J. Cole - Higher

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Breakfast - Doughboy

RAQ - Beauregard

(Some other good RAQ songs to get are "Carbohydrates are the Enemy" and "Bootch Magoo")

Widespread Panic - Travelin' Light

STS9 - Shock Doctrine (LIVE) (Studio)

great band here - definitely recommend their stuff...

...that should be good enough for the first go....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Rainy day dream away

Here are some relatively sleepy relaxing songs. Feeling kind of mellowed out tonight.

Solomon Burke
None of us are free:

Muddy Waters
Rollin' Stone

Probably one of my favorite love songs of all time. Mostly because Eric Clapton was madly in love with his best friend's (George Harrison) wife at the time (Patty Boyd). So as you can tell... he's really feelin this one.

Slow Rock?
Nick Drake
Black Eyed Dog

Even if you don't like the synth... you can't deny how awesome this is...
Aphex Twin

Elvis Costello
Blame it on Cain (really weird photo image for the video lol)

A great Pink Floyd number... for sleeping
Pigs on the Wing

The Beatles
Sun King

Friday, July 9, 2010

mo boogie

So here are some weekend groovy tunes. Some hip hop because I decided to have a Lil Wayne downloading frenzy tonight. I dont really feel like writing a whole lot so here ah de tunez

Hip Hop

Lil Wayne


can someone please walk like the guy in this video? lol

Dope Radiohead/Dave Brubeck Take Five Mashup



Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Dat New New

If the Oxford County fairgrounds are not the perfect site for a musical utopia, then I don't know what is. Oxford County Fairgrounds are essentially an outdoor natural symphony hall -- open fairgrounds surrounded by raised tree lines allowed for harmonic orchestral effects throughout the entire festival. At the end of a performance, an ending chord could be heard echoing through the grounds, so loud and clear that we would exchange looks, laugh, and consider screaming ECHO in unison to see if we could hear our counterparts whispering back from the mountains. Regardless of your location on the intimate fairgrounds, the bass drum, the saxophone, and even the 1e guitar string could bring a melody right through the thin walls of your tent. Cozy barns, with red-lit lofts for lounging, hosted live bands till the wee hours of the morning. Horse pens with ample grass, surrounded by white picket fences, were replaced by silent discos where we, being zombies, would finish the night dancing until the sun rose through the pink clouds of the morning. Fairgrounds "police" roamed around on thick, muscular, well groomed clydesdales while festival goers chowed on funnel cakes, homemade ice cream, and falafel. Not only were the grounds heart-stoppingly beautiful, but they were also well maintained-- countless water spickets supplied cold mountain spring Maine water, trash was constantly collected, and bathrooms/porta-potties were consistently emptied and cleaned. Rocking chairs with cushions, checker boards, fake fire places, and comfy plaid couches were provided in barns for those of us who needed to escape the sun and just wanted to listen to the sound. Everyone was happy, everyone was dancing, everyone had a full belly and a song they couldn't stop clapping to. There was nowhere where the beat would not seep through-- no matter your mood or musical desires, there was a tune to quench that thirst all weekend, and it left us all feeling free, festive, and refreshed for the celebration of Independence Day.

Now for some new tunes:

Ghostland Observatory:
The crowd loved this one... we heard the beat from across the fairgrounds and literally sprinted to the stage to dance.
Ghostland Observatory is an American music duo based in Austin, Texas. Their music has been described as a combination of electro, rock and funk by Allmusic, and "electro-dance soul rock" by Gothamist.
Front man Aaron Behrens provides vocals in addition to occasionally playing the guitar. Thomas Ross Turner plays the drums or synthesizer.

Big Gigantic:
If you like sax solos mixed with synthesizer melodies, you will love this band (consisting of only 2 people). They say they are a mixture of hip-hop and electronica, they also boast elements of jazz and jammy-ness. The ranges of sound they create are pretty incredible, especially considering there are only 2 of them

Something else I stumbled upon while looking up Big Gigantic:

Toubab Krewe:
Toubab Krewe is an American instrumental band which fuses the music of Mali with American musical styles. The group's instrumentation includes kora (21-string harp-lute), kamelengoni (12-string harp-lute), soku (Malian horsehair fiddle), two electric guitars, electric bass guitar, drum set, and African percussion. The group, which is based in Asheville, North Carolina, was founded in early 2005 and has traveled to West Africa several times, working with local musicians. So damn cool.