Thursday, December 30, 2010

The question is: Were you singing it? Or were you just singing along?

LCD Soundsystem

Mental image. Blue, green, yellow lights flashing, fog rolling over fists, hands held over heads, an enthralled audience jumps up, down to the beat, hair whipping around heads, eyes closed, bodies covered in sweat, shouts, vocal callouts (Don't it make you feel alive?), calves burning.

Entering the LCD Soundsystem concert at Orpheum was like incorporating into a Urban Outfitters human soup, rich with floating melodic beats, sonorous voices, and entrancing rhythms. As LCD was by far one of the top 5 best concerts I attended in 2010, I figured they would be a good band to feature to kick off 2011.

Mainly characterized as Electronica, LCD Soundsystem is a "musical project," lead by James Murphy (also co-founder of DFA Records). When performing live, other band members include: Nancy Whang (vocals, keyboards, synths), Pat Mahoney (drums, percussion, drum machine, claps, synths, vocals), Tyler Pope (bass, guitar, synths, claps, drum machine), and others. LCD has released three albums, LCD Sounsystem, Sound of Silver, and This is Happening. Their first self-entitled album was nominated for two Grammy awards in the Electronica Category. At the time of its release in 2007, Sound of Silver received massive universal acclaim and a 9.2 rating on Pitchfork, went on to be Grammy-nominated for best Electronica/Dance album of 2007, and was rated best album of 2007 in multiple review publications, such as The Guardian and Uncut.

A song about living life without apology or regret, All My Friends, was ranked #4 in top 10 best songs of 2007 in Time magazine, and was ranked second best song of the 2000s by (the often quite critical) Pitchfork Media.
LCD Soundsystem - All My Friends by e.armstrong.2

And some other new and old biscuits:

love this. thanks kurt

If you're one who appreciates the drums, THIS is a classic.

Kings of Convenience, an indie folk pop group from Norway, create some lovely and soothing melodies such as this one.
Kings of Convenience - Misread by bullyboy85

Also featuring some R&B/Soul Fats Domino classics this week:
Domino, Fats - I'm Walking by musicintimeshow

Fats Domino

De La Soul- Itzsoweezee
11 Itsoweezee by OOPMAG

one miiiilllion dollars.
Aloe Blacc - I Need A Dollar by stonesthrow

The Upsetters- Sufferer's Dub

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

More songs about buildings and food

Oh when they carry me out,
Oh when they lay me down,
Oh when they bury me in the ground.
I want my people in the street,
doing that second line beat,
and I don't want no one to cry for me.

The California Honeydrops are a roots, blues, soul, and R&B American band formed in Oakland California. Their New Orleans sound and vocal harmonization make for an uplifting and rhythmic style of music.
The California Honeydrops- Cry For Me
11 Cry For Me by TheBeatBox-Arconti

Fleet Foxes- a Seattle Based Folk quintet, describing their music as "baroque harmonic pop jams."
Fleet Foxes- Ragged Wood
03 Ragged Wood by Stephen Branch

Arcade Fire- Haiti. thanks raf
Haiti - Arcade Fire by soundslikesaha

New Lil Weezy - what do you think of Cory Gunz?
Lil Wayne - Six Foot Seven Foot (Feat Cory Gunz) by pigeonsandplanes

Daft Punk is playing in my house... this video is terrifying.

Upbeat and positive, Jay Electronica's got nothing to complain about..

For those of you We No Speak Americano fans... this remix is sick
Yolanda Be Cool & DCUP - We No Speak Americano ( Vhyce Remix ) by Vhyce

DJ Jukez - Barbra's Bonker's (Dizzee Rascal VS Duck Sauce) by jukez

Act Nice and Gentle

Thursday, December 16, 2010

When they play the drum, I spray my tongue these words I manifest might make you numb.

When asked to name a favorite band of all time, the reply is usually not an easy one for those of us music lovers. I usually immediately respond with Neil Young, then retract that statement, and end up staring at the ceiling thinking, rubbing a nonexistent beard, and heming and hawing until the subject gets changed. The elements of a favorite band of all time are myriad. Maybe they have one song that's always been your favorite song EVER, maybe you don't even like their music that much but just think they fit the "coolest band" bill, or in my case I usually judge based on volume. Statistically speaking, the percentage of songs I love by a musician will usually tell me whether or not they fit the top 10. The Black Keys, for me, most certainly fall in that range.

Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney began The Black Keys in only 2001. Since the band's inception, they have sold over 1.7 million records. Their first album, The Big Come Up, released in 2002, was recorded entirely in Carney's basement on an 8-track tape recorder from the 1980s. Their next album, Thickfreakness (off of which three singles were born), was also recorded in Carney's basement on a Tascam 388 in only 14 hours. Rubber Factory, my favorite of their albums, was recorded in a real abandoned factory in Ohio. Next came Attack and Release, Brothers, and the Blakroc project. The Blakroc project is a compilation of tracks in which Carney and Auerbach collaborated with numerous hip-hop artists including RZA, the late ODB, Mos Def, Ludacris, Nicole Wray, Raekwon, and others. What you do to me is probably my favorite track that Blakroc produced, and has been featured before on this blog. Enjoy The Black Keys, a band name taken from the meaning "off center" or "not quite right."

The Black Keys - The Lengths
07 - Black Keys - The Lengths - LenArt by Dr. JVC

Closer than my peeps you are to me. Thanks Alex!


The Black Keys- Have Love, Will Travel (originally by The Sonics)
The Black Keys - Have Love Will Travel by donknox

UNTZ UNTZ UNTZ because I should add some pop:

relatively dirty but good oldschool track off of Ghostface Killah's Supreme Clientele

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We are the music makers. And we, are the dreamers.

My review of the new Kanye album in poetry form:

Dear Kanye,

Are you smooth enough to
write a rap? To have a staff
with energy that’ll
never tap. Or
maybe you need an entourage
before you can relax
and realize you that made it
and you ain’t gotta go to
It’s your talent, your genius,
your self-proclaimed wisdom
you boast
your “haters” know
your spartan acumen.
You’re no milquetoast.

We reread
that line
you wrote cause it came from your
mind and no one had ever
put it like that.
Maybe this douchebaggery
you toast is you-- a
method of celebrity demagoguery?
Or maybe it’s your inner
child you pine for, as you beg
for custody.

By not aiming for a hit single (songs
too long, too deep lyricically
with beat flowing synergy)
do you appeal to the masses?
With new beats and versus,
you whisk other 2010 rap tracks
away in hearses. Sermonize
about these customs
we elect, these preachers
we lionize who, like fish,
open and close
their mouths, but no
words come out.

Yeah, you ain’t gotta pay
that tab or anyone back.
Cause you’re the man now and
you’re synthesizing sound like
a meth-lab.
Piano? Violin?
finally some hip-hop
A long way since
H to the IZZO, now
when asked if you’re a spokesperson
for our generation you say,
Mi no hablo.

It’s original. Is it original?
Only if it’s
truly twisted fiction
or sick
addiction. The times
when you felt glad
felt inspired, diaphanous, and
curious and didn’t care if people
saw that.
Do you aim to reach
those Americans
flipping burgers?
Or just
students, stealing
our attention,
an adderall burglar.

Anyway who cares? You’re the man, hell
and your in ads—
that sell?
Or maybe you’re just a fad
and you could become a had
been and then
you’re back where you started,
which may not be all that bad.
It was your life
endeavor, even if it was
short and your fame wavers.
Forget the haters.
Cause it’s been sung, it echoes, and
you’ll most likely die young and therefore
live forever

And your mind?
It was full of figment and it
had always been mad or have you gone
mad? Do you know how it feels
when something you write
makes you
question that?

techno tad. Thanks Rawlins
Le Roux - In For The Kill

Girl Talk album download All Day

some Elvis uplift

New Basement Jaxx... I'd imagine if you were weight lifting, this would be a pretty good song to lift to:
Dracula - Basement Jaxx by Atlantic Jaxx Recordings

One of the best Joplins

Thanks Weidman

Kanye fulfilling our wildest hip hop musical fantasies of 2010

Don't you want to see what you've never seen?
Langhorne Slim- Land of Dreams

Sunday, December 5, 2010

All that meat and no potatoes


Once upon a time in a magical land called Pacha…

Enter the real world of zombies. Such universes, urban foxholes, where investment bankers, doctors, writers, critics, cooks, you name it, dive in head first donning chewable glow sticks, blue wigs, light-up sunglasses, and wife beaters to dumb out to deep bass pumping and the occasional foghorn. Everyone is attractive and everyone is aggressive. Cambodia-style trampling is not out of the question.

This is the world of David Guetta and in my opinion could be aptly, succinctly, described as psychedelic social catharsis and exponentially overrated. Do not interpret this review as negative, necessarily. It’s simply an observation. Apparently, going into Guetta expecting to hear anything remotely familiar is wildly optimistic and borderline naïveté. The number of recognizable songs “played” by Guetta could be counted on one hand. Once I accepted that my “American Top 40!” chant pleads were falling on deaf DJ ears, I resorted to my own vocal call outs and free-styling for entertainment. Luckily, fun was had due to the extravagance of the occasion; enthusiasm was palpable. Yet, I’m left wondering, David Guetta what exactly do you do? You do nothing. How do you get famous for standing behind two turn tables, fist pumping with both hands, and playing simple repetitive bass beats to a massive crowd of dry humping musical sheep?

PS- Pacha is more intense and thorough than going through customs. 5 floors, absolutely enormous, don’t expect to find anyone, and plan on losing at least one valuable item, maybe an electronic device. You may not even leave with both shoes on. (Yes. One member of the party did manage to leave missing a left shoe).

Portishead - Glorybox

Sarah always sends me good stuff... como esta

pretty cool. Thanks W

have Miles put you to sleep