Wednesday, October 13, 2010

...begat everything else.

New York is grand because it is the city that never sleeps. Nights begin around 11, end around 5:30am, and brunch the next day starts usually around 2. As they say in Italy, anything before 2pm is considered morning-- same goes for New York City on Sundays. And it's wonderful. While I am on the New York City thread, I figured I would post some music that will not only keep us from sleeping, but will also keep us from thinking, analyzing, planning, worrying, working, and learning. Just shut up and keep dancing, keep moving, keep cheers-ing, keep throwing your hands in the air and hearing, keep bouncing, keep cheering, and hanging from the chandeliers on the ceiling. Whatever makes you feel good. Do it. And don't fight the feeling.

Stereo Love

this is my favorite version of this video by far

my kickass roommate's (Julia Kuhn) typical jam on a Saturday morning:

sick mashup

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  1. oh you go girl. always up for dancin. and i'm loving the disco jesus.