Friday, July 9, 2010

mo boogie

So here are some weekend groovy tunes. Some hip hop because I decided to have a Lil Wayne downloading frenzy tonight. I dont really feel like writing a whole lot so here ah de tunez

Hip Hop

Lil Wayne


can someone please walk like the guy in this video? lol

Dope Radiohead/Dave Brubeck Take Five Mashup




  1. Finally some order of importance:

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  3. Sorry for being an ass this morning about marathon times. I figured I owed you some music.

    Here's a bluegrassy/folky group I'm really into called the Weepies. Their female singer Deb Talan has a lot of really awesome songs too... but I'll just put some Weepies here for now: the video attached to this song is really funny i don't think it's the official video haha

  4. of course you have pussy, money, weed first. you dirtyyy slutt

  5. omg jessica i want that little monster to be my bed buddy can we get one just like it?!!? please???

  6. of course pmw comes first and yes the carter is the charm's starburst, my watch skittles, im hot sizzle, what up hot bizzle...

  7. Since I only have ONE project at work right now and am awaiting everyone to send me their stuff to compile... I have tons of free free frrrreeeeeeee work time. I swear I'm getting paid to do nothing at all so far.

    Electronic mix:

    Shooting Star by Young Boss ft. LMFAO

    Pop on the Radio:

    Ridin' Solo by Jason Derulo

    Sounds like 80s rock:

    Lazy Eye by Silversun Pickups

  8. ridin solo is da bomb...

    silversun pickups are good, though a bit emo/80's as you mentioned...i like this song: