Monday, July 19, 2010

Jazz, Bluegrass, and the Art of the Mashup

Medeski Martin & Wood is an American jazz trio formed in 1991, consisting of John Medeski on keyboards and piano, Billy Martin on drums and percussion, and Chris Wood on double bass and bass guitar. The band draws on influences from a number of musical traditions, from funk to Hip Hop, and is known for an unconventional style sometimes described as "avant-groove".

Suggested by Jon Mahoney, The Avett Brothers have been a great recommendation. Here's a low key slow one if you're feeling mellowed out.

This guy Jack Conte has become somewhat of a youtube phenom... I've been checking out his videos a lot lately and they're all awesome. Super talented.
Radiohead/Chopin Mashup

Gorillaz Feel Good cover

Aphex Twin/Bright Eyes Mashup
Good song to listen to when you wake up in the morning?


  1. My comment doesn't really go along with the theme of your entry, but since I've just started following your blog I thought I'd send along some recommendations for you. You may have already heard some stuff from this list: Mark Ronson -- sick DJ who has worked with a ton of great artists; Empire of the Sun; The XX; Shiny Toy Guns (especially their 'Major Tom' cover); Miike Snow; Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs; Ladytron; The Dead Weather; and The Kills. Miike Snow, The XX, and The Kills are my go-to's on this list. Enjoy...

  2. Ooh Andrew this is awesome! I'll go on a downloading frenzy soon and report back/post some of these

  3. and by the way you never have to follow the theme of the entries

  4. depeche mode: dream on

  5. whoops this is what i meant to send

  6. depeche mode: wrong

  7. I think you'll really like The XX

  8. this wrong is good aj.. and yes the XX were a fantastic suggestion. as you can see.