Thursday, July 22, 2010

And The Beat Goes On

What's awesome is that I got inundated with music this week. What's not awesome is that all of my electronics shit the bed at the same time (ipod, headphones, phone, computer) so if I'm a little slow to respond to the comments... sotty. By the way how can we make this bike happen for all of us?

Andrew's suggestion of The XX changed my workday on Wednesday. Couldn't stop listening to this one.

Another good Chiddy Bang... this song probably (Kids MGMT) brings back some kind of memory for everyone and the fact that Chiddy Bang was able to recreate it and add a new twist gave this song a new life for me.

Another XX song- The Islands.

Andrew this was my favorite of The Kills songs I could find

I'm obsessed with this Blakroc song right now...and the more I listen to it... the better it gets. And I think my favorite comment ever under this video is "This song is so chill I want to poop to it."

Fantastic selection of Adam Kott's. Wonderful taste- per usual.

Raf sent me Neutral Milk Hotel's album and it's great. Here's a good acoustic off of it.

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