Friday, May 18, 2012

Well the kids don't eat and the dog can't sleep, there's no escape from the music in the whole damn street!

Album Cover: Frank Zappa- Hot Rats

The Lumineers

 Originally from New Jersey, Jeremiah Fraites and Wesley Schultz decided to pack their car full of musical instruments and move to Denver. Once established, they snagged cellist Neyla Pekarek through a craigslist posting, and thus became The Lumineers. After discovering them today, I've sifted through a decent amount of their youtube discography and found myself clicking the repeat button all afternoon. It's no surprise they won "Best Surrounding Area Band" in the 2009 Hoboken Music Awards. The only thing missing, as I listen to their music, is an outdoor barbeque, clapping hands, stomping feet, and a massive group of people dancing and singing along. I think that Eric Eyl of the Denver Post put it well when he described them as "Disarmingly simple, sincere music that’s as raggedy and ramshackle as it is heartfelt and human."

Ho Hey (Thanks Phyllis!)

 Flowers in your hair

And some Zappa...

If you ever see Frank Zappa: Hot Rats at a record store, BUY IT (and send it to me). I've been keeping my eye out for it forever and still have not found it. This album is amazing, and this is my favorite song off it. (Thanks Andy K)

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