Monday, May 14, 2012

If you get confused, listen to the music play.

Dub Apocalypse
We used to reminisce about the "best reggae night ever," put on by Thievery Corporation on Wednesdays at 18th Street Lounge in Washington, DC. And while the Boston music scene has been nothing short of remarkable, the reggae scene has struggled. Or so I thought. To my admitted ignorance and unanticipated glee, there was reggae distilling like a 30 year-old scotch in the basement of Storyville every Wednesday night, right under our noses. This past Wednesday, we sucked up our haggard aspirations of getting to work on time in the morning, and decided to check out Dub Apocalypse at Storyville. What we found blew 18th Street Lounge out of the water.

"We'll stay for an hour and then peace out." Whoa be tide our naivete! We came for a musical breakfast and then stayed all day. To think of leaving left us laughing, we tried more than once. But there was no leaving once listening, this was the best music in months. Rappers with laudable limericks, defining eccentric. The lineup was funkadelic, fire on the mountain, authentic. Oh and the guitars? insane. The kind where you walk in a dull boy and leave a Maggot Brain. And a saxophone, like methadone, made us grin with delight. This Wednesday gem so unprecedented only a poem would suffice.

Dub Apocalypse at 10pm on Wednesdays, FREE at Storyville. Be there. Or be a boring old square.

And here are some other fun ones I've come across that I've encountered recently and enjoyed. 

The Head and the Heart- Lost in My Mind. Thanks Raf

Chromeo- Night By Night (NEUS Remix) Thanks Lauren

Fun. Tthe PParty Thanks Raf.

 Super old school ... Tennessee Ernie Ford. Sixteen tons.

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