Thursday, October 27, 2011

So check the work ethic in the name. The lesson might change, but the essence in the message is the same.

Geologic, Sabzi, Ra Scion at Sasquatch

Blue Scholars
What happens when you have two students who like to skip class and live in a city solely known for being a rock town? The formation of a rap group. Based in Seatlle Washington, Blue Scholars (a pun on the term "Blue Collar"), have significantly contributed to the rap culture revival in a city in which hip hop had become a flicker more than vestigial. DJ Sabzi and MC Geologic, the group duo, not only put out great music, but also lead activism empowering youth, minorities, and even communities nationally and worldwide. Incorporating unique instrumentals (such as horns) and multi-media elements to their sound, Blue Scholars attune your ears to sonic quality not normally encountered in today's main stream hip hop. In recent years, they have been given top votes including Best Album, Best Single, and Best Hip Hop Artist in Seattle's weekly awards polls. Combining social consciousness with action, lyricism with authenticity, and true talent with modesty, this is a rarity of a rap group the future was hoping to see. What could possibly make this group any better? The fact that they're performing at the Paradise in Boston on Thursday November 10th.

No Rest for the Weary (thanks Jamie)

North by Northwest

And some another sweet little jam

Mountain Aire - New Monsoon (thanks Fox)
Mountain Air

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