Friday, January 21, 2011

If it's too loud, you're too old.

A. Welcome back. I finally have internet working on my computer again and am therefore, unfortunately, no longer living in midieval times. I will continue to eat massive legs of chicken though, drink out of chalices, and yell HAZAA!!! after hearing a good song for the first time.

2. The snow is brown. It's cold out. And miserable. So let's think about the summer, renting RVs, road trips to music festivals, sleeping in tents, portable bro bbqs, bathing in lazy rivers, showering in spickets, silent discos, and dancing barefoot in the grass to the music of our favorite artists.

D. With that said-- I woke up this morning extremely pumped about concert festivals. I could have done a review on Umphrey's McGee, which was absolutely phenomenal, but instead I'm going to do what I want and post the concert festival opportunities coming up this summer. HAAZZZAAAAAAAAA

East Coast Fests:
July 9th-12th
Pennsylvania... aka Tennessee (thanks franc lol)

August 4th-7th

July 21st-24th

dates unclear

April 15th-17th

Any comments on these festivals or additional festival suggestions will be greatly appreciated. All you do is click the comment button at the end of the post.

Put you in a good mood. Thanks Raf
Nappy Roots - Good Day by pinkbowdoll

Say La Vie baby

sick mashup. and you can download it... if you'd like.
Come Closer Together - Nine Inch Nails vs. The Beatles by stndrdeviations


Fresh Electro:
Skream & Example
Skream and Example - Shot Yourself In The Foot Again by Ministry of Sound

Mashup fire.

Blow up your TV. Throw away your paper. Move to the country.
Avett Brothers

Fresh hip hop.
4am-Bay Bridge Music
Andre Nickatina
12 4am-Bay Bridge Music by TheBeatBox-Arconti

Joe Pug- Hymn #35

Cage The Elephant - Shake Me Down by JIVE Records

Flying Lotus- Do The Astral Plane. Thanks Kurt
Flying Lotus - Do The Astral Plane by wereofftherails

Put you to sleep...

Blind Pilot - 3 Rounds and a Sound. Thanks V
3 Rounds and a Sound by user1770207

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