Monday, January 10, 2011

Don't be afraid to make some noise now...

"Let me first say how wonderful it feels to know that it's 2007, and we just launched into a slow blues, and 7,000 people went nuts. All is not lost." - John Mayer

Blues at its best. Arguably one of the best guitar players of our generation.

Das Racist. thanks Raf


The XX intro musical crack. Thanks Kevin

Steel Pulse- Chant a Psalm

Dawn Landes, off of her Fireproof album.
Make It Break In by TheBeatBox-Arconti

Took us a while to realize this friendly kazoo song was about that serial killer who made a bunch of furniture out of the people he murdered. Blind Melon.
Blind Melon/Soup/02 Skinned by *L@zeR*G@zeRz*

Rodrigo y Gabriela- Juan Loco
This video is captivating. Definitely in top 5 best concerts of 2010.

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