Wednesday, December 8, 2010

We are the music makers. And we, are the dreamers.

My review of the new Kanye album in poetry form:

Dear Kanye,

Are you smooth enough to
write a rap? To have a staff
with energy that’ll
never tap. Or
maybe you need an entourage
before you can relax
and realize you that made it
and you ain’t gotta go to
It’s your talent, your genius,
your self-proclaimed wisdom
you boast
your “haters” know
your spartan acumen.
You’re no milquetoast.

We reread
that line
you wrote cause it came from your
mind and no one had ever
put it like that.
Maybe this douchebaggery
you toast is you-- a
method of celebrity demagoguery?
Or maybe it’s your inner
child you pine for, as you beg
for custody.

By not aiming for a hit single (songs
too long, too deep lyricically
with beat flowing synergy)
do you appeal to the masses?
With new beats and versus,
you whisk other 2010 rap tracks
away in hearses. Sermonize
about these customs
we elect, these preachers
we lionize who, like fish,
open and close
their mouths, but no
words come out.

Yeah, you ain’t gotta pay
that tab or anyone back.
Cause you’re the man now and
you’re synthesizing sound like
a meth-lab.
Piano? Violin?
finally some hip-hop
A long way since
H to the IZZO, now
when asked if you’re a spokesperson
for our generation you say,
Mi no hablo.

It’s original. Is it original?
Only if it’s
truly twisted fiction
or sick
addiction. The times
when you felt glad
felt inspired, diaphanous, and
curious and didn’t care if people
saw that.
Do you aim to reach
those Americans
flipping burgers?
Or just
students, stealing
our attention,
an adderall burglar.

Anyway who cares? You’re the man, hell
and your in ads—
that sell?
Or maybe you’re just a fad
and you could become a had
been and then
you’re back where you started,
which may not be all that bad.
It was your life
endeavor, even if it was
short and your fame wavers.
Forget the haters.
Cause it’s been sung, it echoes, and
you’ll most likely die young and therefore
live forever

And your mind?
It was full of figment and it
had always been mad or have you gone
mad? Do you know how it feels
when something you write
makes you
question that?

techno tad. Thanks Rawlins
Le Roux - In For The Kill

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some Elvis uplift

New Basement Jaxx... I'd imagine if you were weight lifting, this would be a pretty good song to lift to:
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Thanks Weidman

Kanye fulfilling our wildest hip hop musical fantasies of 2010

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