Tuesday, September 14, 2010

OK I'd like to thank Kanye...

If you haven't had a chance to listen to the Grateful Dead American Beauty promo (its a bonus track at the end of the album), I suggest you do that, because it is the surf and turf of promos.

The Grateful Dead bonus track promo from their 1970 LP American Beauty:
"Now Tricia [Nixon] loved the Turtles and feared long hair. Tricia wasn't schizophrenic, just senile at 23. She had no fun, she didn't neck, only short kinky-haired boys called her; they were ashamed of their bodies. (Truckin' intro). Now I'd like to tell you that Tricia heard the Grateful Dead and left home and joined Fanny and now can be seen skinny-dipping at the Tropicana motor hotel pool in your town, but you're no fool. You'd complain, we'd get in trouble, Jerry Garcia probably would get busted again. So, if you don't have the Dead's American Beauty album, we can say you're missing 42 minutes of pleasure in a world that's owned by thousands of little Tricias. American Beauty on Warner Brothers. Make your duck a Grateful duck."

So good. Courtesy of Lyons.

If you're feeling like a little hard rock...

Some comericial ISH. Kid Cudi sah simple

Albert Collins (Master of the Telecaster)- was an electric blues guitarist from Texas, who gained his initial fame in Houston. Eventually, of course, he toured the world and influenced artists from Clapton to Stevie Ray Vaughan. He loved Fender Telecasters and was often nicknamed "Master of the Telecaster." With his soulful rhythm and jovial stage presence, Collins's performances are uplifting to watch and a good jive to listen.

For those of you who like Country, this was a good recommendation from Nick.

Wu Tang Beatles Mashup- Release yo Self!!!!!!!!!!! Kinda harsh but the sax loup through smoothes this pretty decent rap out...

word up latin america... get your dance on.

Legendary John Fahey- Yellow Princess. If you don't know about John Fahey, well ... you should. He was kind of the Edgar Allen Poe of fingerstyle guitar and steel string acoustic.


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