Friday, September 24, 2010

Don't know, dont really care. Let there be songs to fill the air.

Short review on new Gorillaz album.

When faced with "dat new new," especially having already loved "dee old gold," many of us find ourselves initially resistant to change. "Why would this band change their style when their previous work had us coming back for more in the first place?!" Well, be easy and let the music explain.
The Gorillaz provide an important opportunity, as well as a crucial reminder that music evolves; sound sampling and layering has grown exponentially since their discography began back in 2001. If you've listened to Plastic Beach at all then you'll notice their sound has morphed into an even more down-tempo "fictional universe," with slow orchestral intros and spooky synth cycles. Even though you may not enjoy every song off a new album (as I certainly don't with this one), it's a good mental exercise to force yourself to listen to it anyway. Listening not only forces us to discover the maturation of a musical group (for better or worse), but also prevents us from becoming closed-minded musical farts that demand "da same old."
Nevertheless, it will be interesting to see this group live in Boston on October 6th (NERD is opening), especially considering The Gorillaz consists of Damon Albarn of the 90s band, Blur, and a British cartoonist and comic book creator named Jamie Hewlett...?

baby Gorillaz off of "Gorillaz" 2001

Teenage Gorillaz- off of "Demon Days" 2005

Mature Gorillaz? new album "Plastic Beach" 2010

And other good weekend tunes minus the chit chat...have a good one!

RL Burnside - Someday Baby- Thanks Mallika

more RL

last one i promise..

sick song, courtesy of Raf per usual

Ratatat (coming to Boston in a couple weeks)

Off Dub Kewli (ee get the CD from Sam Goodie hehe)

Some Soul courtesy of J. Posada herself... Mavis Staples

Also off the burned Brookline Public Library collection

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