Saturday, June 5, 2010


So it's the weekend, it's 10am, I am still wearing the clothes I wore out last night... and eating a cupcake for breakfast.

Wonderful is the weekend when you have a tune that just seeps into your soul and themes yours and everyone's Saturday night. Here are a few grooves I've been getting lost in lately.

PHOENIX (the band, not the mythical bird) was started in Versailles, France-- they began their musical careers doing Prince covers on the Paris bar circuit. What a sexy way to start.

Second song-- courtesy of Kevin Hawkins (per usual).

HERE WE GO MAGIC- an American indie rock band started in Brooklyn, NY. The whimsical loops and eerie vocals in this number will send chills up your spine.

Enjoy the weekend... Monday sneaks up on us oh so quickly.


  1. This video/song is cool...

  2. i wish we could make a mix from the djs at the box...

    a good song you will like is "fantastic" by
    he says "super duper baby" in it and i can see you jamming to it