Saturday, June 19, 2010

Lifestyles of the broke and the not famous

Lovely are the weekends when you wake up in bed (with a leftover mustache) next to your best friend, gather the troops, and stroll down the street for a delicious sausage egg and cheddar on a croissant over the paper and breakfast laughing-banter. Throw around some jokes. Maybe do a little sidewalk chalk, some stick-on pirate tattoos. Tune the guitar. Slap some keys on the piano. Nap. Wake up to watch some World Cup, shoot the shit, and tap the rest of the keg with the neighbors.

Here are some happy tunes, suggested by Frances. The band: The Devil Makes Three. Very soulful and smooth, The Devil Makes Three is a blend of bluegrass, old time music, country, folk, blues, ragtime, and rockabilly. Difficult to classify but certainly not difficult to listen to.

And Rawlin's suggestion, which is downright lovely:


  1. my brother and I stumbled upon this catchy tune.. check it out..

  2. This band, Mumford and Sons, I have recently stumbled upon and am quickly falling in love. This is my favorite song thus far:

  3. Kay this iS catchy! I love it. Made me realize I hadn't listened to a solid accoustic in a while, so refreshing.

    And Jon this Mumford and Sons is awesome-- I'll definitely be researching more of them at work today. Southern rock right?

  4. Yup, I'm listening to Southern rock like it's my job. Here is another great band called Blitzen Trapper:

    And I can't remember if you've already heard of the Avett Brothers, but if not, they are far and away my new favorite band. I'll put up some of their best if you haven't.

    Frances, I'm digging The Devil Makes Three

  5. this is ssoo hhaappppyyyyyyyyyyy