Friday, February 19, 2016

If you're going to love somebody, pleeeaasseee let it be me

For a large part of his life, Magic Slim’s music was vastly underrated. Gradually, as his fans outweighed his detractors, people became captivated by Slim’s off-the-cuff shredfests. “Blues Band of the Year” awards began pouring in … year, after year, after year and now, he is a legend.  

His intricate licks satiate the bellies of his blues-hungry listeners, while his soulful vibrato takes us back to his roots – the front porches, docks, and swamps of Grenada Mississippi.  The son of sharecroppers, Magic Slim grew up in Mississippi playing piano until he lost his little finger in a cotton gin accident. Despite being down a pinky, he didn’t miss a beat and picked up the bass and guitar. Slim matured into renowned Chicago Blues artist, with Scufflin (1998), Snakebite (2000), and Blue Magic (2002) as some of his most celebrated albums.

Check out the “Blues Legends: Magic Slim” compilation album on Spotify. Without a single skip-worthy track, it’ll satisfy any blues appetite. And it pairs beautifully with a glass of single malt scotch.

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