Friday, March 9, 2012

feel the chronicles of a bionical lyric

Of Montreal
Where: The Paradise
When: April 1st
Price: $25

Of Montreal, an offshoot of Elephant 6 Collective, defines innovation. Although I have only seen an Elephant 6 collective performance once, afterwards it had me looking around the room at inanimate objects, wondering what kind of instruments they could become. For example, one of the performances featured Christmas songs played with a bow and saw, a tiny piano (think 7 inches high and 10 inches long), and a Santa with knobby boots for percussion. You never know. Of Montreal is also known for traversing genres as wide as vaudeville, electronica, funk, glam, indie-pop, afrobeat, twee pop, and psychedelic. And don’t be surprised if you find yourself bouncing around the room to whimsically vulgar lyrics. Musical oxymorons can be quite addicting.

Trampled by Turtles
Where: The Paradise
When: April 18th
Price: $20

Tortugas!!!!! After taking one Trampled by Turtles album out of the library (Palomino), I’m already a devoted fan. Trampled by Turtles offers an energy-infused dose of Duluth, Minnesota. Their fifth album release, Palomino, remained on the Billboard bluegrass charts for 52 straight weeks, so we can expect that their album release this coming April will be nothing short of glorious. You’d be wise to check them out when they come to The Paradise on April 18th. Sources say they do not disappoint. Ever. Plus, to be Trampled by Turtles would be the cutest trampling EVER!

Where: The Paradise
When: May 4th
Price: $15

Rubblebucket is categorized as an “American indie dance band from Brooklyn NY,” although categorizing them presents a conundrum. Known for their exuberant experimentation with orchestral sound, as well as a staunch dedication to entertainment and theatrics, it's no wonder that people struggle to describe Rubblebucket as anything other than, well, everything. The theme of being “blown away” seems to be a common thread in Rubblebucket reviews. With the trumpet and saxophone players from John Brown’s Body (Alex Toth and Kalmia Traver) and percussionist Craig Myers, Rubblebucket was dubbed “A Must Hear Artist” by SPIN magazine in 2009 and won a Boston Music Award for Live Act of the Year in 2011. Get your tickets quickly though folks! Last time they played at the Paradise, the show sold out, leaving many of us painfully intrigued and melancholy about the fun we were missing.

Suffice it to say I am obsessed with the song: “Came out of a lady”

Otis Grove
Where: Church
When: every Tuesday in March
Price: Free!!

If you enjoy electric guitar riffs that blow like a breeze through your hair, special guests, Hammond organ, drums, and massive amounts of real shredding, then check out Otis Grove. They will be gracing Boston with their presence every Tuesday at Church throughout the entire month of March.

Change in schedule!
First Aid Kit – this show got moved from Brighton Music Hall to the Paradise


  1. The man in the white leotard! He has mentally scarred me

  2. yet like leotard crack, you keep coming back for more