Sunday, November 7, 2010

If you love music, then you know

Feel each note
B flat, A flat, C-D Rest.
Sound pounds G D C sharp
in my chest. Down to my
toes, A clings so sweet, with
D flat, C sharp, F--
Repeat. B resonates, inside
my heart. My blood pumps
A minor-7 and D
sharp. Can't hear noise
outside my
bed. Just stroke the keys, and breathe
instead. I writhe, and sigh
and fall apart.
My bones, they heal
in darkest dark
to A flat B flat
end C sharp.

Featured artists of the day:
Check out Wayside, a local Boston band that I heard is pretty sick live. Not only are the band members a few of the coolest people I've met in Boston, but also their range of sound is notable, with hints of everything from classic rock, blues and folk to heavy metal and punk. My favorite off Featured Audio, their newest album, might have to be Days to Remember--here's the link to their website. Their album was released a couple of days ago on Nov. 5th and you can see them live at Copperfields on November 20th at 8pm. LETS GO!


hopefully our dog days are far from over. Thanks Betsyyyyy

Mike Hammond. This is hilarious... and also really catchy

here's another good track off the Neutral Milk Hotel album, thanks Raf

There's always a lot of Mumford fans...
in these bodies we will live, and in these bodies we will die

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