Monday, August 30, 2010

Bloggae blog, ey?

Thanks to Ian Collins for reinvigorating my reggae motivation.

Anthony B- World a Reggae Music

Richie Spice- Youths Dem Cold


Anthony B- Trigger Happy Cowboy

Capleton- Acres -- Thanks to Ian Collins, who has fantastic taste in reggae.

Classic Jimmy Cliff- Harder They Come

Buju Banton- Hills and Valleys

HA - and this is absurd

And another random Bonnie Raitt that's great.

And a Reggae Lesson for the Day:
There is so much to know about Reggae-- it's a wealth of information but luckily the world is our oyster in terms of the musical options available to us. For those of you who want to learn a little more about it: Reggae has several sub-genres, here are some of them:

1. Skinhead reggae

Skinhead reggae originated in the late 1960s, when several reggae artists started targeting their lyrics and music to skinheads. Its difference from rocksteady would be that it has a slightly faster beat which is done by the drummer making use of the hi-hat, lower mixing of the bass, heavy organ lines and the electronic double rhythm guitar stroke. Some skinhead reggae artists would include Toots & the Maytals, John Holt, and The Pioneers and Symarip.

2. Roots reggae

Roots reggae is a spiritual subgenre of reggae, with lyrics that are mainly about praising Jah or the God of Rastafarianism. Some of the other lyrical themes of roots reggae would include poverty as well as resistance to government oppression. Most of the songs of Bob Marley and Peter Tosh are under this subgenre.

3. Dub

This subgenre of reggae involves an extensive remixing of recorded material. It is also distinguished by the emphasis on the drum and the bass line. Two of the early proponents of dub music would be Mikey Dread and Augustus Pablo.

4. Lovers Rock

With lyrics that are often about love, lovers rock is a subgenre of reggae that originated back in the mid-1970s in South London. In many ways, it is similar to rhythm and blues.

5. Dancehall

This genre was developed back 1980 and has a style which is characterized by a DJ singing and rapping over raw and fast rhythms.

6. Reggaeton

Reggaeton is a combination of reggae and dancehall music, which gained popularity among young Latinos during the early 1990s.


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